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  Dealer Program...

Dealer Programs
We have consolidated the two programs into one simple dealer program.
This program is for brick & mortar stores, online stores, organizations and commercial tyers.

Dealer Program
1) Choose if you want FTD labels on or No labels
40% discount off most items on the site with a net $200 after discount has been taken. I tally up the order and take the 40% off the total. No discount taken on sales, specials etc.
3) You sell the product for any amount you wish.
4) You can call the product any name that you want if you choose NO LABELS. For example, if you buy Congo Hair, you can call it Sea Fibers etc.
5) I label one of every item and color for you if NO LABELS, you put your own labels on the product.
6) Payment is pre-paid and then order is shipped to you free within the US. International orders pay shipping costs overseas. (I may pick up some of the shipping costs)
My prices are well below wholesale and even below distributor. You can make 3 to 4 times your investment. I have dealers in various countries, selling FTD products with
their labels and product names for over 4 times their cost.
8) The 40% discount is taken off the total not on individual items.
9) During the Holiday Season...Oct 1 thru Dec 10 orders can be slightly delayed due to high sales at this time.

For all ordering, email me the list of items wanted, do not use the shopping cart. I total everything up and then 40% off that
. About $335.00 worth of product at normal prices equals approx $200 net that is required.

NOTE: If any dealer order does not net out at $200 or more it will be subject to a 30% discount plus shipping costs.

To Order...
Send order via email to:
Put the order directly into the body of the email with shipping address or as an attachment. It is that simple!

Fly Tyers Dungeon - Unique Fly Tying Materials and Fly Fishing Products
Box 699 - Florence MT 59833